Randall House in the snow

The Randall House Story

Welcome to The Randall House! The Randall family and proprietor Barbara Frazin invite you to participate in the tradition of hospitality with home-baked goodies and specially prepared meals with garden fresh fruits and vegetables.

Initially, the Randall House was a two-room log cabin that still stands today as the entryway. The logs were cut here in Pine with adobe to insulate. A glass-enclosed view of the original construction is showcased in the entry room. The home was built during the winter of 1881 by Alfred Jason Randall while he and his family slept in a covered wagon box and he established his blacksmith shop.

This house served as the ranch headquarters for cowboy rancher George Walter Randall and his brothers. George was the grandson of the original Pine pioneer family and maintained the Muleshoe X brand heritage brought from Utah in 1881. His wife, Mary Ellen was a Pine High School marm. She met George her first day in Pine and fell in love- with his horse, which he later gave her as an engagement gift. The couple completed the remodeling and adding rooms while raising their three sons, George, Robert and Fred. Mary Ellen’s favorite spot was in the sunporch where she could watch her horses.

During Mary Ellen and George’s time in this home, Pine residents formed a tradition of visiting daily when in town to get their mail. Baked apple pies, plum jams, peanut butter cookies and homemade bread were kept available and graciously served by Mary Ellen to all who visited. It was the place everyone went to visit over a cup of coffee. The grandchildren also stopped by before and after school for home-baked cookies. Mary Ellen had a knack for making everyone feel special. She would tell her unique stories and say, when people began to leave, “Oh, don’t go.”

George passed away in 1987 and Mary Ellen in 1998 at the age of 92. Just two weeks prior to her passing, Mary Ellen asked, “What will happen with this house when I am gone?” One suggestion was to do something the community would enjoy. She responded with “How about a coffee house?” Within one month, Barbara, who resembles Mary Ellen with the same desire and gifts to create delectable meals, was searching for a unique property to create her own culinary establishment. Like Mary Ellen, Barbara was well known for her high quality pastries. In May of 1998 she began the restaurant remodeling and in October opened for business. The food is prepared in-house for the guests just as Mary Ellen would have done. They continue her tradition. They have also opened an adjacent guest cottage, named for Mary Ellen.

This cozy home of years of hard work, laughter, wonderful food and hospitality is reflected even today. Barbara’s vision for The Randall House, in keeping with its past, is to offer a healthy and tantalizing alternative, using fresh vegetables and fruits, good quality meats and cheeses, and homemade dressings and desserts made from scratch. Mary Ellen offered a broader exposure to Pine as a world class classical pianist. Barbara also offers an expanded cosmopolitan feel with espresso drinks and menu diversity seldom experienced in a rural community.

The O’Connor and the Randall families are continuing the tradition of hospitality in honor of Mrs. Mary Ellen Randall and join her in what she would say to you, “Oh, do come back!”



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